Why help us?

Our website aims to reach as many people as possible. Therefore, we are convinced that it is worth collaborating in the diffusion of a spirituality that helps to have true saints in the midst of the world. For this we only count on the help of the few people who believe that it is important to spread this spirituality and who contribute their work or their money. Our resources, in every sense, are insufficient to carry out the important task we have set ourselves. For that reason, we would appreciate any kind of help:

1. Mainly through prayer and intercession.

2. Recommending our site to known people who have a need for or interest in living the Gospel life in depth.

3. Collaborating in the translation of our page into English and other languages.

4. With economic contributions, even small ones, that allow us to cover the costs associated with the maintenance of our web page. You can do this by the following means:

Donation by bank

In the account of “Hermandad de Contemplativos en el Mundo”, indicating in the concept “Donation – your name and last name”.

Banco Santander  

IBAN: ES61 0075 1159 6506 0335 5103 – BIC: BSCHESMM

Donation by PayPal

Fast and secure payment method. Indicate in subject or purpose “Donation – your name and last name”. Click on the following button: