This website is not aimed at the majority, since only a few will understand well its content and find it useful; and of these, very few will be willing to put it into practice. This work is precisely addressed to the latter. Some will think that it is not worth making this effort if it can bear fruit in so few. But less fruit would be achieved if this web site had not been created.

This website is the result of the work of the Hermandad de Contemplativos en el Mundo. We are a group of Catholics who have been working since 1995 to live the contemplative life in depth without leaving the world and our mission in it. Among us there are lay people and priests, aware of the importance of taking the most of the full potential of baptismal grace to give supernatural fullness to our life and effective impetus to our apostolate. Without any other additions or charisms, joyfully aware of being children of the Church and builders, from her, of the Kingdom of God.

We try to make present in our world the proper life of the family of Nazareth, which developed in the midst of the world, but was permanently supported by the God’s presence and by the passionate love to give him glory and to do his will at all times.

From our beginnings we have striven to support each other and, above all, to help all those Christians who do not feel called to the monastic life, but however cannot deny a radical longing for God beating strongly in their soul.

This has led us to make a series of means to be able to offer this help to Christians who want to live the contemplative life in the midst of the world and who lack the available means to those who enter a monastery: guidelines, books, a spiritual path, someone who help in discernment or vocation… Why, if someone has a contemplative-monastic vocation, can he have all the means to discover it, be formed in it and carry it out, and those who have a contemplative-secular vocation do not have any means to do so?

This lack has forced many Christians who possess this inner restlessness to build a secular contemplative vocation in the shadow of monastic or religious orders, adapting their monastic charism to the secular way of life. The monastic life is certainly a richness for the Church and an inestimable help for those who can make the most of it. But, in the end, it is a question of “adaptations” or accommodations of a vocation and a charism to a type of life very different from that for which the monastic vocation arose.

We want to live the Christian vocation in all its fullness as a call to holiness through the most perfect union with Christ, but in the midst of the world and with no other charism than baptismal grace.

We believe that this is a value that can do some good to people in tune with this way of life. There may not be many of them, but we work to ensure that they do not lack guidance and help. Moved by this desire, we have been working in this line, each one in his or her family, work and, above all, parish environment. But we have noticed that the effort of each one individually is not very effective in the face of so many needs as we have discovered in this area, both in the Church and in the world. That is why we believe that together we can always do more than we can achieve in isolation. We know that we are aiming at something that will never be multitudinous, because only a few recognize this grace, and only a few of these are willing to second it. But we believe that it is a grace that must be cared for as much as possible, given its qualitative value, even if it is not quantitatively appreciable.

We are convinced that the importance of prayer and intercession as the driving force of the life of each Christian and of the life of the Church itself, and we have the experience that the interior life allows for the emergence of all the potential for grace and supernatural fruit that baptism sows in our hearts. For this reason, we propose the contemplative life as an extraordinary richness, not only for those who have a monastic vocation, but for all Christians, whatever their vocation, even for those of us who live immersed in the world. We ourselves have experienced the power of grace through the secular contemplative life, which energizes our lives as Christians, spouses, professionals, catechists, etc. Because really every vocation, mission or task in the Church necessarily arises from full and conscious communion with God the Father, by the identification with the Son and through the Holy Spirit; that is, from the contemplative life. This is confirmed by all the saints who manifest an extraordinary diversity of charisms and missions, but who have in common the same passion for God, which consumes and moves them, and which is the essence of the contemplative life.

Throughout these years we have been able to verify all this in our own lives and in the lives of many people close to us. The fruit of this experience has been the desire to live in depth the grace that we received and to help, as far as we can, all those who have a radical thirst for God and who need a profound encounter with him to build their lives as individuals, Christians and apostles in the world.

On May 13, 2014, we received the approval of the Cardinal-Archbishop of Madrid (Spain) as a public association of the faithful called «Hermandad de Contemplativos en el Mundo» (Brotherhood of Contemplatives in the World); and with it we received an official confirmation from the Church which implies a strong impulse and a greater responsibility to continue working, as God asks of us, for the good of the Church and for the extension of the Kingdom of God, especially driving the contemplative life in the midst of the world.

Our aspirations in the supernatural are great but we fully accept that the way and the means are very humble, entrusting to the Lord the fruit that he promises to the simple grain that dies, over and above significant and verifiable results. And it is precisely this same poverty that leads us to value more the little we have and to put more hope and effort into contributing our grain of sand to the work of grace in this field. This doesn’t mean that we acquire great commitments that are incompatible with secular life, but rather that we soak the little that we are and can make in an intense interior life and an intimate communion of love with God that allows him to act effectively through our poverty.

Hermandad de Contemplativos en el Mundo

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